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New Big Dwarf
60 days
Compact plants only become about 2 ft. tall yet produce a very early harvest of flavorful deep pink tomatoes that grow up to 1 pound, but are more typically 8 to 12 ozs.  This variety is wonderful in the garden and also in containers since the plant stays small while delivering large and really delicious tomatoes.  Is considered an heirloom tomato as it was created before 1915 by crossing the Ponderosa and Dwarf Champion varieties.   Perfect for patio gardening in pots. Very flavorful.  Determinate.

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new big dwarf tomato



top tomato

We grow 67 different varieties of tomatoes, sometimes choosing the top tomato is a challenge but this year’s top tomato status goes to the Manapal Tomato.  Manapal was voted by our customers as the best tasting tomato. 

top tomato

Manapal Tomato - 80 days

Yancey Farmers Market 2009 Taste Test Winner!  This plant produces good yields of large pinkish-red globe shaped tomatoes.  It grows in clusters of 3 to 5 tomatoes and is excellent for humid regions and for home gardens.  Indeterminate variety.  Great for canning, slicing or just eating off the vine.  The taste is amazing!  A Bee Log Farm favorite!

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